Brian Ecker

Brian Ecker

Brian Jay Ecker – Brian plays Lynn Ette’s beloved, albeit special, cousin, Elvin Hostetter.

Brian has been well known for his theatre performances in and about Los Angeles for years. In 2006 Brian reprised his role as Archibald Carlyle in sell-out performances of the melodrama, East Lynne. That same year he was Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, then won rave reviews for his role as Don Baker, a young blind man living alone and falling in love for the first time in Butterflies Are Free. The next year Brian delivered a brilliant performance as Jimmy in the original play, My Husband Is My Sister-In-Law.

Brian still occasionally produces an episode of his nearly decade long series, Toy Box, an improv sketch comedy public access show aired in Los Angeles and New York and has the distinction of being one of the most viewed and subscribed comedians of all time on YouTube. He is also known for collaborating on and performing in the world’s first ever interactive sketch comedy online game, Charlie’s Bitch Ass Hos.


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