Christa Woomer

Christa Woomer

Christa Woomer – Christa, who plays the character of Lynn Ette Rogers in Dixiewood, lives to make people laugh. Since her early teens and her first role in The King & I, back in her hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, Christa has known she was meant to act. Born with a love of performing, to Christa, whether it be singing, acting or dancing – any applause was good applause and drew her like a moth to a flame.

After working successfully in regional theatre she took on other challenges including touring, children’s theatre, musicals and yes, Shakespeare. Despite the joy she received performing throughout the Southern United States, Christa knew that her journey as a performer was just beginning. Packing up whatever would fit in her car Christa headed west.

A veteran of the stage in Los Angeles, Christa has performed in numerous plays, television shows, independent and commercial films as well as commercial ads, including starring in the Super Bowl 2008 television ad for Planters Peanuts as “The Unibrow Lady” and the American Express “My People” ad with Ellen Degeneres. You may have caught her in Mr. Woodcock starring Billy Bob Thornton and Susan Sarandon and Smiley Face, starring Anna Farris, a great comedy by distinguished director, Greg Araki.

In 2005, Christa started producing her own work as well as her other projects. The first play she produced was East Lynne, in which Christa played the lead. East Lynne received great reviews and was sold out nearly every performance which spurred the community to bring the play back in 2006 by popular demand for a return run which also sold out. In 2007 she produced Butterflies Are Free, the wonderful 60s romantic comedy by Leonard Gershe which also played to packed houses. Christa directed and starred in the show. Then in September of 2007, Christa produced her first original play, My Husband Is My Sister-In-Law, by Theresa Shell, a gay romantic comedy, in which Christa also starred and directed. The play has a wonderful tolerance and a human rights theme that drew kudos from the audiences and was honored by being in contention for an NAACP award.

This year, Christa has been concentrating on live performances and has been seen performing comedy/musical shows around Los Angeles. One of her favorite moments of 2010 was singing with Sissy Debut at The House of Blues in Hollywood.


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