VIDEO: New Episode Of “Dixiewood” – “Mikey Go Home” – Hilarious!

┬áHere it is folks! “Mikey Go Home!” The new episode of “Dixiewood.” When Mikey and Elvin tell Lynn Ette that Mikey is moving in, as the sole bread winner of the family, she puts the kibosh on the whole thing. Not willing to accept Lynn Ette’s edict, Mikey and Elvin think up a scheme to keep Mikey right where he is. The result is hilarious chaos! Will Lynn Ette relent? Will she make Mikey go hom…e? Or will she just finally kill both of the boys? Check it out now!

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“Dixiewood” stars Christa Woomer, Brian Ecker and Wes Robertson. It is directed by Ryan Ball and is created and written by Theresa Shell. It is produced by Christa Woomer and Theresa Shell in association with Hamloaf Productions.


“A Dixiewood Christmas” Premiers December 15, 2011

Brian Ecker, Christa Woomer, Wes Robertson

We hope you will all tune in and share “A Dixiewood Christmas” with Lynn Ette (Christa Woomer), Elvin (Brian Ecker) and Mikey (Wes Robertson)right here on our website. “A Dixiewood Christmas” will make you laugh, see Christmas through the eyes of a child again and touch your heart. Funny stuff with a pulse. See you here on December 15, 2011 for the premier! You can also watch on our Youtube Channel by clicking the link in the right hand side bar.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Season 2 of the Hilarious Webseries “Dixiewood” Premiers Tomorrow, 11/15/11

If you thought last year was funny, don’t miss Season Two of Dixiewood which premiers tomorrow, Tuesday, November 15, 2011. This hilarious webseries is guaranteed to brighten your day. Also please be sure to share the episodes with your friends. The more the merrier in Dixiewood. Catch it on our YouTube channel or right here on our home page.

Christa Woomer as Lynn Ette & Brian Ecker as Elvin in "Dixiewood"

Dixiewood stars Christa Woomer as “Lynn Ette Rogers”, Brian Ecker as “Elvin Hostetter” and Wes Robertson as “Mikey Hostetter.” Directed by Ryan Ball, Dixiewood is written and was created by Theresa Shell.

“Dixiewood” Season Two Episodes 1 & 2 Still Photos

Here are a few more great stills from Episodes 1 & 2 of “Dixiewood”, Season Two which premiers on November 15, 2011. I will be putting all episodes here on the homepage for you but be sure to check out our Youtube Channel (link in the right hand side bar) and to like our “Dixiewood” page on Facebook (link in right hand side bar). You can view last season’s episodes on our Youtube Channel, including our Season One finale with our special guest star, beloved director, Terry Gilliam.

Elvin cleans up real nice.

"Mikey, I'm not kidding."

Looking Good Elvin

Elvin seems to be having a bad hair day.

Mikey, calm down.

“Dixiewood” Season Two Sneak Peak Still Photos

I wanted to share some great new still photos from Season Two of “Dixiewood” with you. There are a lot of changes to the webseries this year from it’s cinematic new look to the addition of a new regular cast member (Wes Robertson) and lots of wonderful guest stars for Season Two. It’s going to be awesome and wickedly funny.

Sweet Lynn Ette

What's cookin' Mikey?

Mikey and Elvin get emotional.

What did you do now, Mikey?

Actor, Wes Robertson, Joins The Cast Of Comedy Webseries, “Dixiewood”

YES! Cousin Mikey is moving to “Dixiewood”. After hearing about Cousin Mikey and his adventures with Elvin all through Season One of “Dixiewood”, Mikey is joining our family! We are so excited. The brilliantly funny Wes Robertson will join the regular cast of “Dixiewood” as Cousin Mikey in the second episode of this season (Season Two)! It is hilarious, wonderful chaos!

Season Two of “Dixiewood” premiers on November 15, 2011! We will be posting all episodes and links here for you! It’s a MUST SEE.

“Dixiewood” stars Christa Woomer, Brian Ecker and Wes Robertson. It is directed by Ryan Ball.

Director, Ryan Ball, Joins “Dixiewood”

We are very excited to announce that Ryan Ball has joined “Dixiewood” as our director. Having known and admired Ryan’s work for many years, we are over the moon that he will now be at the helm of this hilarious web series. “Dixiewood” will premier on November 15, 2011.